Project Description


Habitat Enhancement and Dam Removal

Sportsmans After Construction

Cost: $600,000

Analysis and Design

Stream restoration design on 4 miles of the upper South Platte River for a combined private fishing HOA and Forest Service project near Lake George, CO. Design included a hydrologic and sediment transport analysis using HEC-RAS, dam removal, channel and floodplain reconstruction, and revegetation plan designed to improve aquatic and riparian habitat.


Coalition for the Upper South Platte

Sportsmans Before Construction

Sportsmans before construction

Sportsmans After Construction

After restoration.

“I’d like to wholeheartedly endorse the services of Mr. Jeff Crane. Our family has been very involved in the restoration of the two miles of South Platte River and seven ponds within our property after the Hayman Fire in 2002. Jeff volunteered his time to meet with myself and several homeowners about the removal of an improperly-built dam and installation of a new diversion structure. He was always polite, respectful and courteous with his explanations and described benefits. I watched Jeff interact with numerous other contractors to make our project successful. He answered all our questions promptly and thoroughly, and offered to do so in-person.

For reasons of professional competence, communication and warranty, I would highly recommend his services.”
Tedd M. Stiles, Sportsman's Paradise Landowner