Project Description


Helping to Establish Watershed Groups

Jeff has supported the following groups.
His role has ranged from facilitating stakeholders and finding funding to full group formation.

“I have worked with Jeff Crane on various projects over the last five years primarily related to flood recovery after the 2013 Colorado flood.  These projects have ranged from planning and design projects to large scale river construction and mine reclamation.  Jeff has assisted our watershed coalition with stakeholder development, project development  (including scoping and cost estimates), design reviews, construction oversight, long-term planning and monitoring and adaptive management.

Jeff was instrumental in assisting our staff and board with early development of our watershed coalition.  Jeff feels strongly that watershed protection and river restoration is best done with a collaborative, bottom-up approach that integrates the priorities of multiple stakeholders.  With his guidance we have built a successful coalition of partners, implemented numerous projects and and have a community re-invigorated to invest in watershed health.

Jeff is at his best walking the river with landowners and other stakeholders communicating complex technical information to people with any level of understanding. After a river walk with Jeff one is able to understand the river in its current state, imagine the evolution of processes that came before and envision what could be done to improve the health and function of specific reaches. One leaves the river walk with a deeper understanding and love for the river as well as a practical road map of how to accomplish what is needed.

Jeff has an experienced and intuitive understanding of river landscapes and a true love and respect for natural river processes.  He also has a genuine interest in the complex relationship between rivers and communities.  This combination is a valuable asset to any community pursuing watershed health and river restoration projects.”

Maya MacHamer, Director , Fourmile Creek Watershed Coalition