Project Description


Irrigation Diversion

Cost: $120,000

Dovetailing Irrigation and Recreation

Reconstruction of an existing irrigation diversion upstream of the Gunnison Whitewater Park that will deliver a full decree of reliable water while serving as another feature of the whitewater park and the repair of existing structures in the whitewater park.


Gunnison County, Alan Moores

"Jeff came on board to provide technical assistance and oversight of a riverbank stabilization project. Even though this project was being completed with federal funding, he said, "It's simple." and with him on board, the project was in fact simple. He had a clear vision from start to finish that he helped the contractor to successfully execute in less than one month. If you want someone who will get the job done and make sure that it's done right the first time, I recommend Crane Associates without hesitation."

Alyssa Shomion, Agriculture Disaster Recovery Grants Program Grant Technician, Colorado Department of Local Affairs